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Southern Blackbutt (180mm)


Southern Blackbutt (136mm)



DPF-600-13 Wheat


DOF-189-13 Wheat

Spotted Gum - Rustic (180mm)

NSG-180-1 Spotted Gum - Rustic (180mm)

Tasmanian Oak

DNF Tasmanian Oak

Spotted Gum - Std & Better (180mm)

NSG-180-2 Spotted Gum - Std & Better (180mm)

Spotted Gum - Rustic (136mm)

NSG-136-1 Spotted Gum - Rustic (136mm)

Blackbutt - Std & Better (180mm)

NBB-180-2 Blackbutt - Std & Better (180mm)

Blackbutt - Rustic (180mm)

NBB-180-1 Blackbutt Rustic (180mm)

Coastal Blackbutt

DHF-180-3 Coastal Blackbutt

New South Wales Spotted Gum

DHF-180-2 New South Wales Spotted Gum

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